We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Baer Reed legal process outsourcing services. If you would like additional information on any of these topics or our services, contact us today.

What is Baer Reed?

Baer Reed is a boutique legal process outsourcer (“LPO”) specializing in document review and legal support services. It was founded by former attorneys from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and DLA Piper to address the need for lower-cost legal support services performed at U.S. standards.

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Baer Reed is a boutique business and legal process outsourcer (BPO/LPO) specializing in document review, real estate law, NDA management and other support services. It was founded by attorneys who were formerly at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and DLA Piper to address the need for lower-cost legal support services performed at U.S. standards.    
Our services include:
    • Document Review/Foreign Language Document Review
    • Privilege Review
    • Deposition Summaries
    • Document Collection
    • Legal Research
    • Due Diligence / Real Estate Due Diligence
    • Contract Analysis & NDA Management
    • Real Estate Law
    • Mortgage Compliance and Operational Support
    • Lease Abstraction \ Title Processing
    • AI / Digital Business Transformation
    • Back Office Support
    • Content & Social Media Monitoring
    • Other Legal & Business Support Services
Yes. Baer Reed is dedicated to providing our clients with fully customizable, flexible services.
Baer Reed’s attorneys have:
  • Passed the Philippines’ four-day legal writing-based bar exam
  • Graduated from one of the Philippines’ top law schools
  • Gained, generally, at least two years of work experience in the law
  • Sworn adherence to the Philippine Code of Professional Responsibility, which is based on the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Baer Reed attorneys are a trusted group of skilled professionals dedicated to producing work product of the highest quality. In addition to our permanent staff of attorneys, we have a prescreened roster of qualified attorneys and can quickly scale up to meet your project needs.
We train our attorneys using the same best practices and standards employed at major U.S. law firms. Baer Reed attorneys are skilled at identifying privileged documents since attorney-client privilege has the same legal contours under Philippine law as under U.S. law. We provide project-specific substantive and process training as well as ongoing training regarding attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine under U.S. law. Additionally, Baer Reed provides training to all employees on the privilege and confidentiality standards required by the U.S. Both attorneys and legal assistants are trained on maintaining the privacy and security of client information.
Baer Reed attorneys are able to work in a variety of databases. They have extensive experience working with Relativity, Concordance, Summation, and Recenseo and have consistently shown that they have the skills to adapt to new platforms quickly should you select a vendor’s proprietary platform.
Baer Reed’s project managers, both in the U.S. and in Manila, serve as your direct points of contact during the project, and support is available 24 hours a day. Our project managers welcome your calls and seek to make themselves available at times that are convenient for you.
Yes. While we are totally confident about our processes, project management, and attorneys – and believe you will be too – you are welcome to send members of your team to Manila to conduct the training and/or help oversee the project.
Our pre-project process is designed to give you 100% confidence that Baer Reed’s attorneys understand your case and project goals. There is no fee for the time spent on the pre-project process and materials outlined below.
  • Baer Reed’s project managers will review all relevant case documents to learn about the case and the scope of the project.
  • Then, the project managers will confer with your attorneys regarding the case background and strategy to gain a comprehensive understanding of the objectives of the project. Project or review protocols will be agreed upon and the project managers will flag any outstanding issues.
  • The project managers will then draft a case summary memo and detailed project or document review protocol, as well as any other documents needed for the project. Baer Reed will submit these materials for your review and revise the memos based on your comments.
This process ensures that the project leaders fully understand the parameters and details of your project.
Generally, Baer Reed’s training includes going through the entire project or review protocol with the project team, addressing questions, and then reviewing each attorney’s work especially closely at the beginning of a project to ensure accuracy from the start. Baer Reed can conduct all of the training. Or, if your team members would like to lead or participate in the training, either by phone or in person, they are welcome to do so.
Absolutely. We are a part of your team, working under your ultimate direction, and will carry out the work in whatever order or manner you wish.
Baer Reed senior attorneys quality control the completed documents on a rolling basis. In addition to checking thoroughly the work done by the first pass reviewers, our senior attorneys perform targeted searches to ensure that all privileged and responsive documents have been isolated.
The project managers will email you any questions that arise during the project and you can respond via email or conference call, whichever is easier for you. All questions and answers will be memorialized in a query log, and the project or review protocol will be updated as needed. This method ensures that all changes are recorded and carried out universally.
Yes. Baer Reed will provide you with reports on an ongoing basis that summarize our work-flow. We can customize the reports to include, for example, document or issue summaries. For document review projects, because you have full access to the review database, you can also review our work and progress, and easily review any documents we flag for you in our reports.
Yes. In fact, Baer Reed attorneys are the most efficient choice for preparing your redactions and privilege logs, as our attorneys already will be familiar with the documents from their review.
Baer Reed’s hourly rates vary based on the nature of the project, but offer substantial savings over onshore alternatives. Upon request, Baer Reed will provide you with a quote detailing the hourly rate for your project. We can also provide you with a preliminary estimate of total project cost once we are provided with sufficient details about the project.
For document review projects, Baer Reed can provide per document or per gigabyte pricing upon request. For other projects, billing is most commonly by the hour, and we are also open to discussing alternative fee arrangements.
The rate that you are quoted is the fully loaded cost. You are only charged at the agreed-upon hourly rate for the time worked by our Philippine attorneys. There are also no additional charges for items such as computers, internet access, or office space.
Yes. We can provide a quote for seamless processing, hosting, review, and production in conjunction with a U.S. discovery vendor. Pricing depends on the nature of the project, but our discounted review rates allow you to obtain a combined price that is very competitive.
Before beginning work at Baer Reed, all of our employees undergo background checks from both the local police and the National Bureau of Investigation, the Philippine equivalent of the FBI. We also check references and verify all transcripts and bar admission information.
Baer Reed's offices are in a Class A international office building in Manila. There are 24-hour security guards and all employees are required to show company identification and be physically searched before entering the building. Baer Reed's offices also have biometric access controls to ensure their security. Baer Reed also emphasizes data security within our office. We disable any computer printing capabilities and limit our staff's access to outside devices. We also have the ability to both whitelist and blacklist websites, such that we can control the websites our employees are able to access during the course of a project. We have dedicated line internet access, a backup DSL line, redundant service providers, and back-up power generation.
Baer Reed's attorneys and legal assistants have a thorough understanding of, and adhere to, the U.S. standards for privilege and client confidentiality. Philippine attorneys take an oath to adhere to the Philippine Code of Professional Responsibility, which is based on the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and affords clients the same protections for privileged communications and confidential information found in the U.S. rules.

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Have more questions about Baer Reed or LPO?

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